Monday, March 8, 2010

Scratch Pad Stage

I have very little experience writing jokes to say onstage, but that is not to say I have no experience at all.

Many years ago, back before our country completely turned into the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, I did a little stand up back in Orlando. I had a notebook full of very hacky jokes and observations that I kept with me at all times. I never knew when a little comic gem would come to me and I had to write it down at that moment, for fear of losing to the ether. "7-11's are lame!" "'Nub' is a funny word!"

One day I took a trip downtown on a bus and while i roamed the street seemingly looking for a much-needed job I found a little theater that had open mic nights. I came back the next week to see the show as a patron, then I came back with 3-5 minutes of knee-slapping hilarity. It actually went well.

This time around, when I'm older and I take up more space, not much has changed. Well, that's a fat lie. A lot has changed. I've learned a lot about my style and what I want to talk about. But the gathering of material is similar. Also, a blatant lie.

I've had opportunities to at least try out this material out loud on the podcasts, if not to all the unfortunate humans that interact with me in my life.

Here's the thing. the material has to be good, but you also have to car about it at the time. At least at this stage in the game. The 'I don't know what I'm doing' stage.

I have a bit about the Y2K scare that I like. Its old but I can tie it in with the 2012 nonsense that's floating around out there. I have to hammer out some fish out of water stuff. Being from Florida could actually be an asset for once.

I've planted these in the podcasts but never tried to whittle them down. Oi.

If the set is as entertaining as this blog entry, I'm screwed.

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