Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Should Never Do This. (Or Should You?)

This rhino has no business being here.

I thought I bailed on this thing for good.

I have used any and all of my creative energy (i.e. complaining about minutiae) for my Shout From The Lawn podcast. I've enjoyed the results. But recently, through genuine introspection, therapy and and countless days staring out a window; and after a lifetime of putting things off, I have discovered that I need to venture out.

So after 16 years or so I am going back to stand-up comedy. By that I mean, hitting the half dozen or so places in Portland that actually have open mic nights.

Normally I would advise against anyone who would ever write down their intentions. Its almost always a mistake. Your failure is now shared with everyone you blurted your half brained cockamamie ideas to. You should always reports on events after they happen. Take that, cable news.

But sometimes you just don't care. Its succeed or bust and bust doesn't hurt that much.

So why write about it in here? No reason. Its up. I'd like to chronicle things as they happen: First hone down a few sets. I have to scrape the good material from my podcasts, and turn the switch on in my head that sniffs out the funny. Its usually on, but now I have kicked into oversniff.

I'll also include when I sample the locations as a patron. This sounds uninteresting, and it is. But I haven't gone out in any adventurous capacity since Clinton was president. ('Member those days...ahhhh....) I've been in work and dad mode for a very long time.

Its just like The Natural, except I'm not really a natural. And there's no Robert Redford or Glenn Close. Or baseball. And it doesn't take place in the thirties. And there is no sign of Wilford Brimley anywhere.

Finally, I'll detail the show. I'm pretty scared about it, but I was when I was 22. Kinda makes me feel 22.

I'm sure I'll write other things in here. I think I feel it again. But podcast first, because it actually costs me a few bucks.

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