Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Small One: Considerations on the Releasing Of The Hounds Of Hell.

I have to make a confession.

I had a knee-jerk reaction when the all the votes were tallied on November 4 and I finally felt the last years of ineptitude, shame, disgust, division, stupidity, shot-sightedness and belligerence slip away. I had cartoonish supervillian thoughts that I am not entirely proud of. There has to be a few Americans out there, spread out in the purple areas from North Carolina to Alaska, that envisioned one more piece of the ridiculous Bush legacy fall into place.

For a few days, I wanted to release the hounds of hell on all of them.

I wanted Bush and Cheney and Gonzalez and Rove and every single person that had anything to do with the war, Katrina, the deregulation and the poison-toothed separatist "me vs. them" mentality that has infected this country strung up and placed in the center of town. I wanted hearings and jail time. Put them in stocks and we all take turns with spoiled tomatoes and stale Ding Dongs. I wanted a tribunal and pleas for immunity from people who used politics to advance the policies of a select few for the sole purpose of making more money. I wanted them to at least get kicked in the crotch like a strip-mall Santa.

Now that the economy rests in the hands of the very people they stole from and now that a new presidential tenant has inherited a dank, trashed, soiled and foul-smelling government to clean up, I wanted them to pay.

But they won't. They never will. They will get out of it and they will be rich until they die.

Then oooooooh… I remembered. We don't do that. That's the type of crap they do. The right and righteous minded have no practical ideas so they spend their lives slamming and punishing those who think and those who serve others. They waste taxpayer money on hearings about the meanderings of a presidential penis. They waste time demonizing gays and the female body and science and helping your fellow man…

Sorry. Forgot. Lost my head for a minute there.

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