Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad Poetry For Random CoWorkers

That girl in the office

Always grinning. She says:

"Lighten up, It's not that bad!"

You smile

Again and again and again

You say you are the type of person who likes to smile. Grin. Giggle.

Have a good attitude

Look on the bright side of all of life's obstacles

White teeth and plump cheeks.

One thing though, and this may be critical

It's always a smile. You never smirk, or frown or pout.

People who love to smile don't have to tell anyone.

They just do it.

But, on those occasions that they can't brighten the room... They just don't.

They are off. Out of whack. Pissed off. Sad.

But you are never any of these things.

So I think, and I have no hard data. Evidence. Proof.

You don't like to smile. You just have to smile.

You smile like I make jokes, or like that guy on the second floor works out.

It’s a defense mechanism. You are beating people to the punch.

One problem with that: If I succeed, I make someone laugh. Relax. Forget.

But a fake smile does nothing for no one. We all see through it.

So I would ask you:

Lighten up and smirk. Frown. Pout.

It's not that bad.

And yes.

I'm hardly working.