Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Fat Loud Announcement

After a month or so of screwing around with editing, recording and trying to understand what an XML sheet is, I’ve finally done it.

I have a podcast!

What the hell is a podcast, you ask? Well if you have iTunes or an iPod, you probably know. They are free shows you can automatically download to your mp3 player for fun and enjoyment. It’s talk radio without commercials. Adam Carolla, Ricky Gervais and Kevin Smith have their own, and now I have one. Its called “Shouts From The Lawn” to tie in with my whole grumpy guy with my fist shaking…wearing dark socks motif.

I interview friends and family and mostly attempt to be funny. I cover a bunch of stuff that isn’t fit for a nice, albeit tangential essay for this site. I want to shoot for one a week, but who knows?

So download, listen and enjoy. Forward any reactions, questions or suggestions to Also, one favor. Spread it around! It is way more fun to do this type of thing in front of a crowd. An unseen, silent crowd…but its still a crowd.

(Is the tone of this thing uncharacteristically gleeful? I know, it’s weird.)


For those with an iPod and/or those with iTunes – Got to the iTunes Store where you would browse or buy music. Put ‘Shouts From The Lawn’ in the search bar and my podcast will pop right up. Subscribe (for free) and your iPod’s default setting should automatically update when new episodes come up. If it doesn’t, you can adjust it or just go back to my page in iTunes and “get” each episode.

For those with other MP3’s or want to listen to the podcast on the computer – Bookmark or add this link to your favorites. I will up date this page on my site when I update iTunes. I’ll have a list going and links you can click on. Same show.

Also, the cool graphic for the podcast was made by Kaity Curry. She also suggested that “View From The Lawn” be changed to “Shouts”. She was right, dammit. And you know how I love to name things.

Thanks. And spread the word!

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  1. AWESOME! Now if I could only get it to work...never knew what a podcast was myself until now...