Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Heart Is On My Sleeve But Your Head Is In Your Ass

I periodically ponder political points. But, I usually squander my spare seconds scratching my scalp about social aspects. And, I almost always alliterate.

I’m a “why” type of dude. I want to know motivation more that how and why a particular machine works. I want to know the guy who built it. I’m a people person. One that knows surprisingly few people.

When an issue pops up in the news or in conversation, I have an opinion about it. I would be a big fat liarhead if I didn’t admit that. Most of the time I have a slant or a point to make. Then there are the days when I just question motives. I guess that shows a lack of respect toward the target. So be it. It’s just my truth. Sometimes I can’t believe what you think. I don’t understand where your particular opinion comes from… it doesn’t come from fact and I don’t think it comes from hate…so what the hell’s up?

Global warming is such an issue. Call it climate change, or Al Gore’s Thing or whatever you want to. I just don’t understand the people who refuse to admit there is a problem.

Forget three decades of research and testimony. Forget physical evidence from North to South Pole. Forget about the math. Forget the changes to topography and the changes in species and the overwhelming proof. Put all that aside.

How is protecting the human race and the environment in which it lives NOT or you to-do list?

You understand? Even if you think the evidence has holes and is lacking; which many still do (and they have valid points)…how is just cleaning up pollutants and increasing energy efficiency a bad thing? How is smart living sticking in your craw? And how is this anything more than you having a shitty attitude about the people who gave you the information or about life in general?

So I usually chalk this people up to a sense of inferiority. Southerners have huge chips on their shoulders that remind me of these people. “Hey, if a New Yorker said it than its complete bullshit.” If we could get Carrie Underwood on board, they might listen.

There also seems to be a strain of stubborn American pride wrapped up in this turd logic. How could Americans be polluting? How could our way of life be harmful or bad in anyway? To others or our kids? Answer: Screw you! Turn up the Toby Keith!

Its not NASCAR types and people who don’t give a shit anyway that bother me. What kills me are rich guys in suits and people who are scared to change that refuse to understand and learn a little.

Fine. We’ll all die so you won’t have to change. Rock on.

But what you can’t come at me with: It’s all a scam. This global warming is all a hoax.

A hoax? What? To what end? Isn’t there a payoff with a scam? Isn’t there a point to a hoax?

If so, it is the lamest hoax of all time. It has killed political careers and has been the butt of jokes for forty years. In the meantime, lakes have disappeared, New Orleans is half gone, and no one knows why all the frogs and bees have died.

Funny hoax.

Again, I don’t debate the science. Don’t care. I do my part and I’m an informed citizen. It is to the denier I ask: What the hell? Even if it’s not severe, there are better ways to fuel cars and heat home and build things and dispose of trash. Why not do it anyway? What the hell is wrong with you?

Stuff like that.


  1. No dude. It's a hoax designed to make us all socialists. Don't you watch O'Reilly and shit?

  2. My thought; by admiting we have a problem people would need to pay attention and change their lazy habits.

    Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? Stupid as hell, but it's where we are headed and scarier that I already know people who have no thoughts of their own.