Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Quick One: So's Your Mother!

I guess is was fitting that that journalist threw a shoe at Bush. I'm not saying it wasn't called for...but it put me in the strangest mood. I'm not sure if Americans are capable of being insulted.

I can definitively say we, Americans, are far superior to the rest of the world when it comes to insulting other. A shoe??? Calling someone a dog? Randy Jackson calls his friend's dogs on that stupid karaoke show every year. We love dogs! We give dogs more attention than the homeless in this country. Calling someone a dog is meaningless to us.

I know, in their culture its different. That's my point. When we insult you; you goddamn know it. We aren't subtle. Its usually with missiles, rockets, bombs and troop deployment, At the very least, we drain your resources and leave your infrastructure in shambles. Now that's an insult! A shoe?

And verbal insults alone still aren't offensive to us. Jeez, we have a contest called "snaps" or "the dozens" where we take turns making fun of each others' mothers! For fun! Calling an American anything really doesn't work. When thousands take to the street in protest burning effigies and and flags and spitting on our culture, what do most of us say? "Don't these people have jobs to go to on a Tuesday?"

Insults, thankfully, are not an international language. Love and kindness and all of that nutty liberal hokum that has been suppressed for so long could make a comeback and cause a few less shoes thrown our way. I hope so. It's such a wussy thing to see. I'd almost rather watch soccer.


  1. Hahahah alright. Greg is worthy of mass reproduction. So is Bald Monkey.