Sunday, March 24, 2013

#132 - Sub-Nothing To Do

The first day seemed like a week and the second day seemed like five days.

All will be answered, in great detail, with many undecipherable references to 80's TV, right about here.

Honestly, my well runs dry with all the podcasting.  I choose not to write about wishes and dreams, so I stick to the tangible and concrete.  My thermal socks are a little tight.  I'm wondering if there are any Trader Joe's peanut butter cups left.  My nose itches.

have a thing and enjoy it,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

#131 - Someone Flushed A Toilet And Sincerity Left

Ladies and gentlemen, Boz Scaggs.

The ironing is delicious.  Sample some here.

There is a small part of my brain that wishes it was at one with the cosmos like a Buddhist monk.  Just a leaf on a stream, taking the rapids for what they are and appreciating the mere existence of the current itself.  But I also like to chit-chat.  Chatter involves exploration, dissection, and huge ladles of sarcasm to keep from going batshit crazy.  I can appreciate being of one mind and I hope I get there one day.  Right now, I still like getting dirty every now and then with thought and opinion.

It makes for a better show.  Now, if I could just cut back on the casual swearing.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

#130 - A Box Of Small Plastic Red Footballs

Only a single rainbow.

Distract yourself from your duties here.


A lot of chit-chat out of my talk-hole lately about appreciating the art created by your friends and family.  Of course this relates to my insatiable need for attention and to be heard, but I really think it's another sign of the loss of common courtesy.  I realize we all have busy lives or at least we tell ourselves so, but there is nothing wrong with giving up a few moments in out week for other people.  For no money, for no gain.  Just to be nice.  Good.  Sweet.  Helpful.  A dear friend.  A good guy.

Yeah, I'll leave it there.

Happy soon-to-be springtime,


Sunday, March 3, 2013

#129 - Negative Three Confidence

Yes, we know we these guys are.

Insert your favorite 80's television reference here.

It was time-warp time sitting with Andy.  Flashbacks of hours-long conversations about M&M's, Rubber Soul, and the meaning of corn came rushing back like so many water metaphors.  I'll get him in for at least another one of these shows, probably with much sillier and dumber topics, in the weeks to come.

Find Andy's new album for sale here.

Life is so wonderfully slowing down, and with each enlarging minute comes new time to goof off and/or finish  chores.  The Mrs. and I had a one-night getaway on Monday just to enjoy each other's company and eat swank food.  I loved the osso bucco, and Amy loved the rabbit pate. We had several other animals and vegetables, but mostly we just slowed down for a little while. That'll do, donkey.

enjoy the things, more to come-