Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Waffles McGavin Show


Hi there. Today is exactly like and completely different than any other day that has ever been and will ever be. The trees outside will be exactly the height they are right now only for today. We are zipping through space and this fixed point in the universe won't be visited again in exactly the same way. An actor named Christopher McDonald will only be this old for one day in his life. And that day is today.

And, I think I need to wash my slippers.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kenesaw Mountain Tuesday Show


To the right is a picture of KML himself. He kinda reminds me of what i would have looked like had I been born in the 19th century.

So I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. The differences between a British production and an American one are sweet little pacifist and quasi-socialist nuances that are sensitive to the touch and are not lost on me. My only beef seems to be with the terror-robot Daleks and their incessant screaming. Why the screaming?

I told my brother a couple shows ago that I would reassess the podcast after I hit 100 shows. He said to just keep going.

I will. Why? Not because I believe I will gain any more listeners or I have metric tons of material yet mined; I just don't think it's a good idea to quit everything.

At least, now I do.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Lucid Dreams and Hooper Show

From the glass floor in the CN Tower, 110 stories above Toronto.

80th show.

I have painted myself in a bit of a corner with these posts. I sit here to provide a link to my newest endeavor, and I try to come up with something witty to share. Problem is, I save all that for the shows.



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Corporate-Approved Robotic Blowhard Show

Big-Ass Sandwiches, Portland, Oregon.

Order up.

It looks like food may be my life. I didn't plan it that way. But with a Mrs. in the business for 17 years or so and our minds set on our own corner of the culinary world, I think I better get used to the idea.

I could think of the 378 different directions my life could have gone, but I am here to testify that will drive you crazy. But here, this world I am in Portland and people like to buy food out of trailers. And we want in.

Its a Frankenstein show. I pieced some things together for someone's enjoyment. If that is you, thank you for your patronage.