Monday, October 1, 2012

#120 - I Don't Like It When They Grew The Mustaches

The  "s" is backwards because it's a chimp.

It'll all become clear when you give in to the undeniable magic of the podcast.


My chef wife Amy will tell you that getting into the restaurant game is not for everyone, and a a lot of it sucks.  Stupid schedules, egos, criminals, incompetence, sore feet and shoulders, third-degree burns, and smashing stone crabs are just a few of the pitfalls. But, I've told her that I'm jealous.  Not just because she found something she's good at, but that its a real thing.  Food is a tangible thing we all need, and a lot of us just love it.

She didn't want me in her game at first.  I'm a person with a lot of interests; and my trivia knowledge gives me the illusion that I know a lot of things.  She wanted the food world to be hers.  But, just like I'm not a musician and I still enjoy music, I'm a food fan. I like to cook but I'm no cook.  With the talk of the cart and the new talk of an eventual restaurant business, my role now is essential. I'm the support.  I'm management. I get to help the chef girl shine in her own kitchen, which has been her dream for fifteen years or so.

I'm fine with all of that. Thrilled, actually.  As hard and crazy as all this is, it is a genuine product.  An honest exchange of goods for money.  There are so many people who don't need their work to mean anything.  Some of us can't feel good about working without meaning.


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