Thursday, September 6, 2012

#117 - The Appropriate Distance From The Caveman

Forest Park, September 2012

Take a leisurely stroll to the podcast here.


The only successful way to diet is to keep busy.  Burn a few extra calories and try not to think of snacking on deliciousness...  So, I'm writing more.


Outside of writing and related endeavors, these are things I know how to do:

Change a tire.
Replace a heating element in an electric oven.
Jumpstart a car.
Replace a toilet, or just the guts of a toilet.
Patch a reasonable sized hole in the wall.
Replace a door.
Set up a computer, TV, game system or wireless modem.
Cook, bake, grill, smoke, saute, broil, sear, and fry. And make pizza.
Care for a lawn, although I usually don't care.
Create a Christmas display, and take it down before it's trashy to still have it up.
Clean windows, roofs, gutters, driveways and other gross stuff.
Raise children.
Be married.

That''s about it.
The rest of my brain is reserved for forgetting tasks I've learned and remembering everything else.


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