Monday, July 2, 2012

#110 - Come On, Italy Guy

It's about time I throw a personal pic in here.

You know that new sound you've been looking for?  Well listen to this!


"How To Smash Your Pinkie Toe In 10 Simple Steps"

1) Order a smoker.  A heavy charcoal grill with at least three grates and a separate firebox will do.  It will have to be big enough to be shipped to your house attached to a giant wooden pallet.

2) Assemble and move the smoker out of the garage, but make sure to leave the pallet on the floor.  The more of an obstacle it is between you and your work bench, bikes, tools, etc., the better.

3) During a smoke in the backyard, forget several necessary items in the garage.

4)  This is important:  Do not wear shoes.  Be barefoot, even if you own a nice pair of sandals.

5) Walk through your garage toward the work bench and completely forget there is a giant pallet on the floor.  It helps if you believe you are in such a rush you don't have time to flick the light switch to the ON position.

6) Blindly kick pallet with your right foot, smashing your pinkie toe.

7) Curse nature for the existence of the pinkie toe.

8) Swear.

9) Limp back to the cooking area.

10) Enjoy.


PS - That is the correct way to spell 'pallet' for this use.  I had to look it up.

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