Monday, June 25, 2012

#109 - Grandmammy Pappy's

Not even sure if it's any good.

Get all the tastiness right here.

Sorry about the glitchiness last week. Something kooky happened during the upload.  The rest of the show is here.  Can you hear me?  Anyone?

Survived my birthday week and it didn't hurt so bad.  It is truly amazing what you can get used to in life. I truly believe that. Part of maturing is letting go of all the silly details of life you thought were essential.  Turns out that a lot of things are merely cosmetic.

In that vein, watching HGTV should be mandatory.  Not because of the programming; for the theme.  Guess what?  You can't have it all.  But, what you can do is pretty up what you have and you will be quite satisfied. On second thought, forget TV.  That should be taught in school.


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