Monday, June 18, 2012

#108 - The Story About The Fried Chicken Bowl

Hamburger-looking chewing tobacco gum.

Sop this up with a biscuit here.

My tomatoes are coming along nicely. I used Mr. Internet this year to discover that I've not only been watering them in the incorrect manner, I have been over-watering.  We'll see what happens when I go by the book.

I have a smoker coming to my house as a gift for my birthday.  I'm already imagining the amount of crap I can smoke with this thing.  It's ridiculous how excited I can get about this stuff, but as these food shows will reveal, it is the truth.  Me likey food.

enjoy, taste the rainbow, be a part of the pepsi generation, it's what's for dinner, grab life by the bottle, 


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