Monday, June 11, 2012

#107 - Get This Guy A Candy Bar So He Doesn’t Have To Die

...and from under the table, I might add.

Obtain your necessary nutrients here.

Summer is just around the corner.  For most of the country, it's been here and made it's presence known.  In Oregon, even the seasons are laid back.  Winter eases into spring, and spring follows suit. 

My goal this year is to face it head on, and do my best to enjoy what I can.  That seems sane and easy. For so long I put pressure on myself because of my kids and culture in general; a type of recreational performance anxiety.  Now I'm trying to think: If there's a picnic to have, go.  If there is a trail to hike, do it.  If there's a chance to enjoy downtown, get in the car.  If not, I'll hang back.

It's still mostly job hunting and budgeting for me now anyway.  But that's no excuse to not rub some sunshine on my face.


Food-oriented podcast coming up next week.  Podcaster also turning 40 next week. I guess that's a thing.


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