Monday, June 4, 2012

#106 - A Gorilla Knows This Sucks

It's easy to have fun here.

With all this talk of fun, why not partake here?

I swear I could make an entire podcast about food.  I know there are thousands of them already, but my life seems to revolve around food and being an opinionated human, I have plenty to say.  I think I just need to have a Food Minute for some shows.  Maybe a Food Corner.  Eating Time?  I'll work on the title later.

My wife and I will have conversations about food while we're eating dinner and watching the Food Network at the same time.  My brain is trying it's darnedest to shame mew for this; because we are a nation obsessed with food, and too much is just obsessive.  I agree.  Well, I don't agree.  We are a nation obsessed with eating and consuming.  Not food. Well prepared, fresh, original and traditional meals are what we're lacking.  If we could manage our plate and serving sizes, then food itself isn't the problem.  

But I love telling people I am into Greek food right now.  My wife has a killer fried chicken recipe.  Brining chicken has changed our dinners forever.  I'm completely tired of cucumbers, but I can't get enough cauliflower.   And so much more.  Okay, I think I convinced myself.  I'll have to stick it in there somewhere.  I'm glad we had this chat.

Enjoy -


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