Thursday, May 10, 2012

#104 - The Kid Who Called Me Squirrel Boy

My old ass, Sherwood, OR.

Feel the tension by downloading here.

First, thoughts:

The beautiful and welcomed sunshine cascades over my balding pate and reminds me of standing in line for the Corkscrew slide at Wet N Wild in the early 80's.  

Dreaming of one day sitting in a comfortable but firm chair, beset with enveloping work I love, completely forgetting this moment, when I'm wishing I was there.

I am overcome with a sense of fragmented pride over the sheer amount of unfinished projects and hobbies I can call my own.

My black Labrador Retriever sometimes appears to be a very quiet human baby in dog pajamas.

Second, this:

I have created a list of my favorite comedians of all time.  I've been struggling to write some accompanying remarks; reviews, etc. I keep falling short.  Maybe I don't have enough to say about enough of them? Not sure. So I want to put it in here so I can move on with my nerdy habits.

Withheld from the list are the two greatest comedians of all time, no argument, George Carlin and Richard Pryor. Also not on here are Dennis Miller, Sam Kinison and Eddie Murphy, three stand-up comedians that used to make me laugh a lot, but really have not done so in quite some time.

Favorite funniest Comedians (Stand up):

20 – Sarah Silverman

19 – Maria Bamford

18 - Paul F. Tompkins

17 - Jim Gaffigan

16 – Steven Wright

15 - Gilbert Gottfried

14 – Janeane Garafalo

13 – David Cross

12 – Marc Maron

11 – Richard Jeni

10 – Dave Attell

9 – Kathy Griffin

8 – Bill Hicks

7 – Jimmy Pardo

6 – Bob Goldthwait

5 - Louis CK

4 – Chris Rock

3 – Dana Gould

2 – Andy Kindler

1 – Patton Oswalt

Comments?  Let me know.  Otherwise, at least I got it out there.


  1. What, no Rita Rudner? Nice list, and Patton is way up on mine too... Why no Carlin or Pryor? I think Cross is higher on my list.

  2. Carlin and Pryor are on the list. Read, boy!