Thursday, May 3, 2012

#103 - The Great Arkansas Marshmallow Festival

Failed attempt to keep straight faces.

Eat the newest serving of beans here.

Amy gave me a little chore this morning.  It's a rainy day, and Thursdays are usually pretty dead when it comes to job searches, so I was tasked with turning a few old bananas into banana bread.  We had all the ingredients already, so no big deal.  Within ten minutes, I had the mixture in the oven with no problem.

I went out into my bedroom to get some things done on this here computer. After about a half hour, I went back into the kitchen.  The unbelievably familiar smell of banana bread had filled my house.  It is normally reserved for the fall months, but just the scent of the bananas and cinnamon put me in a better mood.  I can't imagine anyone not enjoying that smell.  They could pump it through the vents to calm a prison riot.  Imagine what could get done in the UN if this aroma floated through the air.

There is some food stuff on this podcast. I think I need to start folding more into my mixture.



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