Friday, April 20, 2012

#101 - Ideological Eating Disorder

Author of the quote. I've done my duty.

Eat this show here.

Saw Marc Maron and it was a great show. I talk about the particulars on the podcast, but lest you believe I am giving him short shrift...I don't know where I was going with this. Listen to his podcast, (link on the side) it's more coherent.

Walking means everything to me. I do it as much as possible and when I miss a day, I feel a tiny shred of failure inside. I relieved stress, thought up ideas, daydreamed I was a comedian or a rock star, went completely blank, took a break from being a dad and a husband or a citizen or a human, and worked out a few gastrointestinal issues nearly every week for the last 22 years or so. My legs are firm and muscular while the rest of me is a soggy mess.

It truly is the only time I take for myself. That should change, right?

Anyway - good show.


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