Monday, March 19, 2012

#97 - Either Whole Hand, Or At Least Two Fingers

You are approaching the downloading area. Do not strike the car ahead.

My favorite ride at Disney World when I was a tiny little kid was the WEDway, which in reality was about as fun as an airport shuttle. It was on the second floor of the buildings in Tomorrowland and wove in and out of tunnels on a slow moving track. It was a snooze. But I liked looking down at all the people walking about, getting in line for more fun rides.

One night, I had a dream that they renovated the WEDway. It was the same, except when you went into the tunnels, instead of looking at model cities, the track went apeshit and in front of me was the most cartoonish roller coaster ever invented. It was jarring for me, but I went along with it because I knew I was dreaming. I had a lot of dreams like this. I learned later this meant I had lucid dreams; or dreams where you are fully aware that what is happening is not real. I never understood this was a rarity. I don't have much to say about the subject, although if you are interested in having these dreams, my advice is to be an insanely light sleeper. Never fully attain deep sleep, or if so, keep it to one cycle and intermittently wake up during the night and pee.

It's not really worth it.

Anyway, after that, I preferred Big Thunder Mountain.


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