Monday, March 12, 2012

#96 - The Miracle Of Raining Frogs

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I got back into the swing of podcasting this week, despite my reservations. I’m a worrywart in recovery; I tend to let guilt and fear push me around. This time, I needed to say screw the uncertainty of money and job and yikes and just do something fun.

The shows are always a little better when I listen to them. In the moment it feels like things fall flat, when in the end they went well. I think it’s a matter of the relativity of time, to drag physics into it. A slow show is a bad show, but it only feels slow while it’s happening. In reality, things are clicking and working just fine. Stupid brain.

This time around I’m more concerned with getting good than rounding up new guests. If I can get them, I will get them. But I want a few more listeners and work on my chit-chat skills.

Oh yeah, and I want to be funnier. I guess that goes without saying….?

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