Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Benny Mardones Is Somewhere Show

Show 90.

Its been a week of bullcrap computer fixing, buying, maintaining, uploading and downloading, tech support, returning, saving, deleting, restoring, rebooting, scanning and crying. I don't mind saying that when my life can start easing away from these machines I will be happier.

I turned 39 and I felt it. Not sure what the feeling is, but it makes a sound in my skull with a resounding echo. It is very much there and everything I do seems to matter a little more? Drastically changing your life will do that. Looking very forward to building something new. I want to know what I can truly handle. Most likely, quite a bit...then I'll be pissed about that.

Oh well. New shows coming in the next two weeks.


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