Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Szekely's and Losers Show

Show No. 75.

Yes, to the right is a real-life superhero-ish guy named Phoenix Jones. Not the same pizazz as Kick-Ass; but what he lacks in friends like Hit-Girl he makes up for in not being at all fictional.


I want so very much to market myself in this world, why do those instincts and/or learned skills escape me? Its not just my little show. I'd like to just be a little more out there in this world, or in this town at least. I propose a new institution where people with talent or ideas or a very attractive spark are teamed up with business-savvy people whose skills are in the art of getting stuff done. Oh, the money that could be negotiated.


I've been listening to a a lot of music I liked when I was 11. What does that mean? Besides a lot of Hall and Oates, of course.



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