Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Percussion Show


I can't tell you how listening to 'When the Levee Breaks' 100 times when I was kid changed the way I think about art and music.

The reason I can't tell you is because it transcends speech. Music fills us up in a way that words just can't; it's a massage more than a movie. It's a punch in the face. Well, Zeppelin was a punch in the face. I suppose James Taylor or Bob Dylan were friendly nudges.

I wanted to play drums because I firmly believe that if we indeed have past lives, I was a railroad worker/slave. I'm quite sure my life was spent in the heat and the only enjoyment I got out of my back-breaking bloody-callused day was the rhythms in my head. Its the collective groove; the beat, that I feel alll the time. I could be at work or in line at Safeway buying broccoli and Gatorade. Its the subtle undertone of my humdrum existence on Earth.

That's why I play the drums. I suck at it because I lack discipline, but I still play.

So this show is about music and bands and drummers and drums. I am also a lifelong fanboy. I still like watching guys play. Even the kid (and there always is one) down at the Portland Saturday Market with his homemade kit of paint buckets, bottles and trash can lids invariably receives a couple bucks from me every time. No matter how good he is. (And he's always better than me.)


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