Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Zombified Boba Fett Show

A real tear-jerker. Trust me.

I know I've seen this dude before.

Here you go. I recorded this with Matt about a week ago. Shuffling things up.

I got to thinking that its about time I consider this my one and only art form. I really haven;t succeeded at anything else, and that includes podcasting, but I have stuck with this for quite some time. I guess when you plug away at something week after week with almost no feedback and barely any audience to speak of; yet you still come back and do it...that is...something adjacent to...an art form...?

The Jeopardy Online test is coming back around. I will test for the fifth time in 3 or 4 years in February. For some reason; perhaps some vestige of hope from childhood, I believe deep down inside my gut that my knowledge of history, sports, science, pop culture and all things cartoon will pay off one day. Still waiting.


Watch 'Bob's Burgers'. The Mrs. and I have laughed out loud many times.

Chips ahoy,

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