Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The She Shouldn’t Have To, Should She Show

74th show.

Juli Fields was the actress that played Susan; Ali's friend in the 1984 epic cable mainstay, The Karate Kid. I had a problem with this chick even as a young lad who had never heard the phrase 'bro's before ho's' or the stereotype of women going to the bathroom together.

But something about this girl, maybe her tone or her voice, or her 80's face always got under my skin. She gave Daniel-san so much crap for what? For what? Sure he wasn't blonde like Johnny and all his All-Valley douchebag buddies but that's why Elisabeth Shue was into him! He was different. Oddly charming--he could paint decks and wash cars like nobody's business.

Everyone has a quote movie, and this one was Dylan's. So please enjoy this movie-laden podcast. Now remove all verbs from your sentences, assume the crane position and get yourself a body bag.


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